A journey through time.   A way to connect personally to history.  A new understanding of yourself and your family.  A history class you won’t sleep through.  It’s your history.  It’s your family’s history.  It’s genealogy and it is intriguing.

Hello, my name is A.L. Talarowski.  I am a photographer, history buff, and blogger.  This is where those things meet.  You are looking at the intersection of who I am.   I am on a journey to discover my family history.  I am on a journey to discover who, in part, I am.  I am on a journey to find and preserve a little bit of history for future generations.  I am on a journey to inspire you to do the same.

I will show you, through various venues and creative outlets, how I am finding my family history.  I will share with you who my family was and who my family is.  If you are looking to do the same and don’t know how, or aren’t sure you can afford it, I will tell you that I understand!  I’m doing this in the most cost efficient manner I can find and their are a TON of sources you can utilize.  I will share these sources and offer any advice I can.